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My first Blog Post

My good friend Bobbie Kay told me to start a blog. I like Bobbie and will always take free advice, being as its well with in my price range. Bobbie and Her husband are old friends of mine, we met when our companies slammed into each other violently, I mean merged.

I could bore both you and myself to tears with that story, but suffice to say their friendship and my Jeep were the best things I got out of that experience. That and a new appreciation about how just because you lack talent, skills, or personality doesn’t mean you can’t become a managerial corporate drone.

I tend to talk a lot about work. In the days past it was my passion, I loved what I did and defined myself by my work skills. When I made the change from blue-collar to white-collar work, that sense of pride and passion were quickly sucked out of me, replaced by a realization that the people who were lazy, unmotivated, talentless and passionate either made what I did, or were my bosses.

So this year, to mark the 16th anniversary of my 30th birthday I have developed 2 new passions Off Road driving with my Jeep, and Writing. Right now, my focus is on my writing. This is both because I have several stories I think are interesting, and because my Jeep lacks a heater. In Colorado this time of year, the temperature is lower than my boss’s IQ, and writing is cheaper than getting frostbite treated.
My first story is about a deaf college girl who encounters a demon. So far the largest problem I see is that my short story has a thyroid condition. It was going to be short story, but somehow 249 pages later, I am about sure it’s not short.

Ok well I shouldn’t go on too long, after all the 3 people in the universe that are going to read this are all patiently waiting.

Opportunity is knocking – I just hope this time it’s here for me, and not just wanting to use the bathroom.

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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