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Questions I refuse to have to ask

Today, after yet another case of my indirect boss offering me tips on how to be a better tech I find my self on the internet ranting as opposed to going on some sort of massive crime spree. When ever my indirect boss helps, always cracks me up being as he is an accountant trying to run a tech company. This is as logical as a giraffe teaching a lion to hunt.

Today’s pointer was about how I ‘don’t ask the big questions’. His argument is somewhat accurate, twice this year, both in the last 2 months. I have rolled a tech to a location only to discover that the client failed to mention some detail.
The clients I work with are Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants. Their staffs are all white-collar professionals, much like myself. As a result there are questions I will NEVER ask.

1. Do you smell smoke?
2. Are you standing in water?
3. Does your building have power?
4. Did you spill anything on it?

The reason I refuse to ask these questions is if they haven’t told me this information during their desperate call for help, they never will.

I have been doing computer and computer support for 22 years now. That’s longer then I have been married, older than my youngest child, and with the exception of an antique shotgun, older than any of the possessions in my house.

I can safely say that while I haven’t seen it all, I’ve seen enough. My boss assumes that those conditions are ‘normal’, I disagree, those conditions are far from. The Clients apparently think I have a remote camera in their office. Based on what they do with their computers, I don’t want to see what they do in real life. Honestly if the person I am dealing with doesn’t know enough to tell me any of those things, they don’t really need a computer tech, they need a swift kick.

That’s not something I can do for them remotely.

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2 responses to “Questions I refuse to have to ask

  1. DOug ⋅

    Just what safegaurds have taken to ensure that the bosses you lamblast here don’t read this Just wondering

    • rbdavis5

      the security I am using is a combonation. 1 this is so Genric that unless I tell my boss Jeff to look at it, he’ll never find it. 2. I work for people that I doubt can acctually read!

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