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What I Want to Be when I Grow Up

On my 16th anniversary (give or take a few months) of my 30th birthday I am finding myself wondering what I want to be when I grow up. Right now I am putting not a small amount of effort into being an author. This may seem like a strange selection for someone in the IT field. There are a number of factors that lead to this decision.

The first being I enjoy telling stories. Up to this point, most of the stories I told started the same “No mother that’s not what happened” or “No Officer that’s not what happened” or “No Honey, that’s not what happened”. It has been a combination of telling those stories that has helped me hone my skills, knowing what people will and won’t believe. I could have saved myself a lot of days grounded, money for tickets or nights on the couch had I developed these skills sooner, but I did finally develop them.

The second factor is job burnout. After 21 years of dealing with the inanity of the human population. I find myself dreading when my phone rings. When I started in this career field, I would answer my phone “Hello and thanks for calling My name is Robert, how can I help you today” these days I am closer to answering “shut up, reboot and call back if that fails”. While I haven’t’ sank that far down yet, the slide seems all but inevitable. The fact the technology shifts constantly slowed down the inevitable slide, but having to know 3 different ways to do the same function is tedious.

The third factor is the praise. I have to admit I have been writing stories for years. Most of them I would delete or not finish. My latest project nearly got derailed when 2 people close to me wouldn’t read it (1 lacked the time, the other lacked the interest) To my fortune, the person I asked to help edit (ok to do all the editing, my spelling and grammar suck) liked the story. Another person, who gave me a huge amount of technical advice, told me how much they loved the story. Those two gave my ego a boost and kept the story alive. At some point I will need to start the “get rejected” phase of things – IE try to find a publisher. But that is a bit away still.

I suppose if I am going to be completely honest with myself and everyone, I should also mention that in spite of checking Craigslist every day for over a year, there are no positions at the strip club for breast inspectors.

So author it is. I have all the tools I need – a laptop, several good ideas, a few crappy ones I can stretch, and a stash of cardboard with “will write for food” written on them

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