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Co-workers & Friends

I have a theory; Friends are god’s way of apologizing for your family. If that theory is true, then co-workers are his way of saying “opps I overpaid with the friends”
We are losing one of my co-workers today, nice guy and one of the few human that I work with that I would actually associate with outside the office. Most of my coworkers are alive simply because I don’t feel like carrying the bodies down 6 flights of stairs to the dumpster. He is leaving for because he is ‘sick of the bullsh1t.’ I almost wanted to point out ‘the grass is always greener where the bullsh1t is piled the highest’ but I doubt he would understand that wisdom.
I’ve also decided to expand my list of friends, in my quest for knowledge (and to get insights to fill in my writing characters) I need to stop being so safe with my friendships. After all my two best friends in the world and I should have never been friends. Yet 32 years later we are.
Letting perceptions & Stereotypes [both mine and everyone around else’s] define who I make friends with is stupid, so if you see my friending people that are too young, too old, too liberal, too conservative, too strange, too normal or some other condition that would preclude me from adding them, please take your opinion, package it and seek medical attention for where to put it.
Too bad it took me this long to learn that.

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