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The Reckless Red show

I went out last night to see a local band called “Reckless Red” at a place called the Zypher

I have to admit, dive lounges on east Colfax are not on my normal or abnormal list of places I go, but it was a buddy’s birthday and I’ve been needing to stretch myself a bit, and I have full insurance so there was really no reason not to go.

The lounge was as much of a Dive as I thought it would be. It looked like something left over from the 60’s, it was small but not too crowded. To be honest I thought I saw the remains of crime scene tape on one of the posts outside, and this morning I am debating if I should go get a tetanus shot. It had a dingy feel to it, even though it was clean.

I could go on for a bit about the lounge, and I will admit to being a coward; somehow the results of dive lounge spring rolls scared me, but the real focus of this should be the band.

The band is very old school, one drummer, 1 guitar, 1 base and a singer. How they managed to pack that much talent and sound into that package I will never understand. The lead singer CJ is one hell of a singer, sounding like a hybrid between Joplin & Ethridge. The guitar player is a phenomenon I swear that he could make his guitar do tricks. The drummer kept the pace and set together and the base player stretched his sound to make the whole thing work.

If you ever get a chance to hear them play, you really should – it would be worth the tetanus shot & the hangover.

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