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I need better expletives.

I work in a ‘professional’ office. I have found that this means that everyone tries to dress to the same standard, keep their tattoos hidden, and try to avoid excessive use of expletives around clients & the general public.

Away from the ears of others, the language in the office becomes much more colorful. One of my coworkers has mastered the fine art of using an expletive every 8th word, or less. This is just enough to make him sound almost ignorant, but not so much that you can tune out everything he is saying.

I on the other hand have mastered the polite peppering technique. This is where I almost never use them, and avoid the big one, the F Bomb, until I am really pushed. I find this gives the word, and the entire sentence it’s tied to, a level of power. When the man who never cusses says “He will god damn well get to the bottom of this” Coworkers & Clients believe him and the subject usually ends.

In truth unless we are talking about a beer bottle, I will never get to the bottom of it, I won’t care enough to. If I cared enough to, I wouldn’t have used expletives to end the conversation.

But all the not cussing is work, hard work. I think I need a whole new set of expletives that I can use while avoiding the big 7.

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