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I know not everyone hate Mondays, some people who work odd shifts always say “my Monday is on Wednesday”. However after years in the work force, I’ve figured out that this logic is wrong. The reason it’s wrong is because hatred of Monday is a collective trait. Everyone on Monday is coming off a near euphoric high of the weekend to return to whatever form of drudgery that pays their bills together. And much like a nasty flu bug we all want to share this annoyance. This is why the calls I get are so much more inane on Mondays (and if you had any idea how inane these calls were in the first place, you would realize what a feat that actually is)

I would love to blame my co-workers ‘interesting’ actions also on Mondays, but really all they do is aggravate an already annoying situation.

So for all of you what drug yourself out of bed today, realized you didn’t win the lotto and that in spite of all your efforts and prayers, Monday has returned, I salute you. And for those of you that don’t get to enjoy the collective hatred of Monday, I envy you. I would kill if my first day of the week were 2 days after the rest of humanity got over the sudden crash that is Monday.

On a related note: sorry this is little late today MONDAY SUCKS!!!

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