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Tuesday – (not to funny this time)

Today’s meeting with the bosses the subject came up ‘what do you want to do’
To my good fortune I was able to not blurt out “breast inspector at a four star strip club” or “race car driver” instead I found some platitudes about wanting more field time and having to deal less with the cleanup. With my co-workers cleanup is a constant challenge. Like most techs, they tend to think that if anyone can do it they can. Personally I avoid such promises. The easier the request the better the odds that someone isn’t telling me something.
Lying to your tech or lawyer or doctor is pointless, it’s not like they won’t figure out somewhere between instantly and immediately that you have. And in the end, all your lie does is run your bill higher, and get you not only the dumbass label you were trying to lie your way out of, but an additional “Lying” put on the front.
The most honest and easy people to deal with start out “I don’t know”

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