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How Calendars make you ill

My company, like most I have worked for use calendars to help employees keep track of their schedules and commitments. Unfortunately there is a side effect. People like me (and I am unsure how many of those there really are) will look at their calendars and start to see their headaches in advance.

For instance, tomorrow my calendar says “train co-worker in basic board operations”. The coworker in question I wouldn’t trust babysitting my pet rock. Letting him use my board and expecting any good result is optimism on my boss’s part. Of course this is a needed thing, someone needs to run my board on days like tomorrow, because I have a field appointment “work with client on miscellaneous issues” This translates to “someone ½ assed a job and you have to clean it up and make the client happy” good for time, bad for effect. Tack on to that a system audit and efficiency report both being wanted and it is clear that while I can think of many four letter words for the day, only one is productive


I am about sure I will be taking a sick day, and thanks to the calendar being pre-populated, I know that I need to start setting the ground work for this today. So some adult tricks to set up your sick day:

Tell your co-workers you feel drained. You can’t say you’re sick already, that would be something they could see is a lie, but drained is perfect.

Schedule something that you enjoy, and your boss knows you like. You would never schedule something on a day you’re going to be sick.

Mention how sick someone else in your house is. This trick works better when you mention kids and spouses then it does if you try it with Pets (and it completely fails if you try pet rocks)

Skip lunch and be sure if anyone asks you mention “I just have no appetite”

Watch the news for any bug that’s making its rounds.

Ok that’s enough thoughts for the day. I need to be sure to get all my work wrapped up before my sickness sets in

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