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It’s only a ‘word’

Sorry but today’s entry isn’t funny. Once again a famous person has let loose the “R” word in a negative reference to his opponent, and once again people are out defending him, saying it only a word.
Maybe it’s because I’m an aspiring author, maybe it’s because I enjoy history, maybe it’s because I have an IQ in the triple digits, one of those factors is keeping me from getting on board this ‘only a word’ concept.
It was only words that started the revolutionary war, ‘We the people’ it was only words that advanced science and stretched the human experience ‘we will go to the moon’ Honestly if I wanted to I could spend the day and find thousands of examples of ‘only words’ and how they changed the course of our history, for better or worse.
There are simple rules that people could follow to decide if something is ‘only a word’. Sadly human beings have a crap record with rules, but still here goes.

1) If it has ever been used as a pejorative – it still is one.
2) If it has ever been used to dehumanize another being – it still does
3) If it has ever been used to inflict pain – it still will.
4) If you wouldn’t say it to a family member that has been hurt by it, you shouldn’t say it at all.

There are thousands of words in the English language, if Retarded is the only on you can use, perhaps you should examine who it really applies to!

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