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Drug Use Policy

Today my indirect boss came to me with a problem. The item I quoted to him last week came back at a higher rate. This is a double problem, the profit margin is going to be lower and I never quoted it.

We discussed the second, his argument was he recalls the conversation last week, naming the date and saying it was in the afternoon. My reply was to show my work orders for the day, showing that I was on site at a client working on something. At 175.00 an hour I guarantee the client knows the exact moment I walked in, and the exact moment I left. Still somehow the boss is convinced that we had this conversation and that I misquoted the product.

This entire exchange proves we need a better drug use policy. I am thinking we need to abandon the ‘zero tolerance’ and go to the enlightened and obviously in use “Bring enough to share”. The latter policy would work, as the boss and company owner he can afford the top shelf crack that he obviously enjoys, and by putting me in the same mental condition he is in, it will make dealing with disciplinary actions for conversations that happened in his head much easier.

If I have to provide my own, then I will have a serious problem. My drug of choice is Sam Adams ‘Blackberry Witter Bier” a 9 buck for a 6 pack, I can only just afford enough to offset the daily inanity he deals, if I have to start understanding it I could be in serious trouble.

I doubt my liver, kidneys, wife or bank account could deal with that!

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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