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Another week and ground by and somehow I kept my limited sanity intact for 4 more days. But, before we all go doing the Friday happy dance I still have to get thru the weekly meeting.

In one of the very few brilliant moves made by my company, they moved our weekly meetings from Monday to Friday. This is good in one way; Mondays tend to be out busiest days of the week. My personal theory is because on Monday, if your computer is smoking, flashing or displaying the dreaded blue screen of death you have no option. You have to get it fixed, and you end up annoyed waiting for it to get fixed, because somehow the longer it’s not working the longer you’re already overlong Monday feels.

Friday on the other hand, computers that smoke, flash or blue screen are god’s way of saying “take a 3 day weekend on me”. I back this theory by the simple fact that at least 1/3 of the calls on Monday start with “last week my computer ”

I have also learned over time, that while it is true about 75% of the time all I need to do is have the user restart their machine, if I tell them to do that they won’t. No one wants a simple answer. Instead I listen to their issue, and then start typing away on my computer furiously. Sometimes I am updating my Facebook, or typing to my blog, working on an email to my friends for the weekend or even working my latest writing project.

After what I believe is an appropriate amount of time, I will come back and use techno babble something like “oh, your FUQU.DLL needs to be reinitialize, press the Control and PRT SCR keys both count to 5 and restart.”

They do, and it always ends with me looking like a genius, their computer working and my Facebook/blog/writing project all getting some attention.

Ok – now its time for the Friday Happy Dance!!!!

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