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Chivalry is not dead.

It’s been said Chivalry is dead, I beg to differ. For the fourth time in as many weeks, I have attempted to be there for another person. Their refusal is always intriguing to me. I wonder if the problem is that I’m not really a brave knight on a white horse wearing shining armor. I’m more the tattooed guy with the baseball cap and long coat that your parents tell you not to take candy from, also known as the dark stranger.
I suspect that if the people I tried to help knew how uncomfortable that shining armor is and how hard it is to polish (not to mention the cost of buying & boarding a horse) they would adjust their standards.
The biggest differences between the dark stranger and the knight in shining armor, the knight will save the princess, marry her, and live in the castle happily ever after. The dark stranger helps everyone they can just a little, sometimes it’s not enough, most of the time it is. They don’t write themselves into someone’s happy ending, they just put the people they help on a track to a happy ending. It’s still the person’s job to get there.
I tend to think the universe has people cross our paths for a reason; some of the people I help have become good friends, others moved down their life’s arc, hopefully with a better outcome because of something I have done. I also think I’m put in some people’s paths just so that when they complain to the powers that be, they can simply be told “do you remember this man, in the long black coat & baseball cap, he was there to give you a boost, and you refused”
[Sorry for ranting today, I will be back to my normal humors tomorrow]

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