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There is a problem in the system

I have heard that Monday is your punishment for having such an awesome weekend, and that hang overs is the universe’s way of saying “You were great” Somehow this feels like double jeopardy. On the weekends that I don’t drink, but get to go off roading, or shooting, or go see a great band, or even meet up with my fellow miscreants, I probably deserve a Monday. After drinking too many shots and too much beer, I probably deserve the hang over.

It’s the weekend when I show moderation in my alcohol consumption and don’t get to go on any grand adventures; I think I should be allowed to legally cancel Monday!

I am willing to meet at the ½ way point, and be issued a hangover or Monday even for the events that I don’t fully recall. Granted thanks to Modern technology and social media I can trust my fellow miscreants to post pictures and anecdotes of my alcohol fueled lapses in judgment. I will even accept Mondays for events that I am invited to go on but refuse to because of whatever lapse of judgment I was suffering for.

But I stay home, and give my kidneys & liver (and bank account) a break, I deserve something special, like an unscheduled, no use of a sick day 3 day weekend.
Of course the real question is how many of those would I actually earn?

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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