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Lunch Evolved

Yesterday I left my office for a field job early to give me time enough to have lunch. I know this annoyed my indirect boss, even though this is a pretty normal function for most people, but for me it represents an important evolutionary step.
When I was much younger, and new wave ruled the air. Lunch was an inconvenience. I didn’t want to stop for 30 minutes to stuff my face, I wanted to finish my shift, and punch out ASAP so I could get to the important business of the days, IE hanging with my buddies, striking out with the girls, or driving my car too fast on the highways.
As I grew older I realized that Lunch was a great opportunity. I could go to vendor shops score some free food, and often get some education. I still would get off work early, because even while stuffing my face with Pizza, I was listening to sales pitch’s or technical news, so it qualified as work!
Growing older still, I suddenly found myself wanting an additional meal each day. Bringing food back to my desk, I would sneak bites between calls and requests, often needing a couple of hours just to finish the meal I had acquired.
It was a result of all those cold hamburgers that caused my new oblong shape. I refuse to accept the combination of age & inactivity as being the culprits it was the hamburgers at my desk damn it
I finally having friends that can afford meals that are served on plates, not wrapped in paper. Lunch is becoming more important. Done are the days of sitting 9 hours eating chips and cold burgers. I have also decided that it’s better to eat a burger at the place that I bought it then to carry food back to my desk, where my phone, coworkers and bosses will add little but a bitter taste to my food.
It nothing else, this new approach to lunch proves the theory of evolution.

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