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The difference between large companies and Dinosaurs

I have worked for several sized companies over the years, and have seen the devolution they go thru as the get larger. I am now convinced that this devolution is a direct result of size, the bigger they are the dumber they end up being. When a company is small, and the entire company personal can fit into a regular size van the company tends to be smart, they have to be.

As the size grows, more and more stupidity can be ‘allowed’. Not that the people working there want it, but it becomes more inevitable and people adjust their standards to include it in their daily grind.

Not that you have to be big to be dumb, but it does help.

Today’s rant is brought to you after I was given a lecture by my boss about a system that needed to be adjusted. I will say I agreed with every point he made, they were intelligent, articulate and sadly made by me 5 months ago. It’s an odd feeling being berated and quoted at the same time….

So all of this leads to one question – what’s the difference between Large Companies and Dinosaurs?
One is mind numbingly stupid, over aggressive, Chew up and spit out any other being and crapped everywhere on the earth. The other went extinct millions of years ago.

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