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Rush hour & Religion don’t mix

Today’s drive into the office was as annoying as ever with the added ‘benefit’ of having what I call a ‘left lane prophet’.

For those of you not in the know, a ‘left lane prophet’ is someone who gets on the high way, in the far left lane that actually goes the speed limit posted. They don’t do this because they see a policeman; they don’t do it because they have a car in front of them. As far as I can tell they do this for the sole and single purpose of pissing me off. Or at least I hope this is their goal, I would hate to think that anybody could be that successful at an endeavor without at least wanting to be.

On days when I drive my Jeep (all 6 of them) I don’t care about these people. My Jeep can’t go over 70 unless it’s pointed downhill and has a tail wind. But in my car, that silly thing Idles around 70. When I drive it I want people to put their skinny pedal on the floor and not to lift it till they get to their exit, or get out of my way (Either one will work, I am flexible like that)

My new idea, the police should be restricted to only issuing obstructing traffic tickets between 7 am and 9 am on work days! They could thin the heard of the left lane prophets and make it so I can get to work in time to score a doughnut before all the sprinkled ones are gone.
A win for everyone.

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