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Am I back in Grade School?

I have been blogging for a couple of weeks, most of the time its ether my commute or my job that give me the most fodder for the blog. Most days they seem to take turns pissing me off.

You also know you can thank Bobbie K ( for this blog and all of the thoughts dumped onto my page & your screen. While I am still not sure if she encouraged me to do this as a way to exercise my writing muscles or just to get me to quit bugging her, I suspect it’s a healthy combination of both.

But to stay on today’s question, now that I am doing this blog I am wondering if I am back in grade school? The question & confusion come from a simple fact, I love when I get an email saying “so and so liked your blog”.

Looking over my long and checkered past, I have been a Repo man, a process-server, I have done private security, worked on a team that flew in and shuttered various companies. Even now I work in Information Technologies. In other words nothing in my choice of careers of opportunities to make cash have exactly put me in a position to care if people like me, Point of fact is I am exactly the opposite. I get a thrill when I can annoy people who are above me. Telling some haughty VP that corporate policy that he approved will not let happen brings me no small amount of joy!

But as of starting this blog, I find myself looking forward to and enjoying the “So and so liked your blog” emails, it makes me smile. I get so giddy I am doing strange things, like answering the phone after only a couple or rings, or not putting idiots on hold. I am even being ½ way pleasant & helpful.

The last time I remembered being this stupid for being ‘liked’ I was in 5th grade. That’s when Wendy mentioned to Karen who relayed to Kim that informed Cathy who told me that she liked me.

So either I am becoming social, or am back in the fifth grade, I will let you know when I am done with Recess.

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