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After several days of denial, I finally admit it – I’m sick. I knew all the omens were there, the sweating, the chills, the coughing, the general feeling of BLAH. But I chose to ignore these omens, blaming the sweating and chills on the weather, the coughing on air pollution and the blah’s on my job (all very reasonable explanations)

As a result, I’ve spent all of Friday and Saturday curled up in my sleeping bag trying to remember the license plate of the truck that hit me, while also thinking how easy that task should be being as I am pretty sure it backed up to finish the job a couple of times.

Today I am almost feeling normal, and should be back to my abnormal self in a couple more days. I just hope my boss, clients and co-workers don’t give me too much fodder before I am cold meds free and ready to deal with them.

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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