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Why all the Mini’s

In yesterday’s post, I talked about how my wife owns a Mini Van and how I am required this week to drive it (awaiting the day all my car tires are pointed the same direction) .

One question I didn’t address is how the hell I ended up with a Mini Van in the first place. To be honest, it was for features, but I get ahead of myself.
It was the fall of 08 and flushed with cash, and tired of trying to put 4 kids & The parents into a Sedan, my wife and I decided to go buy an SUV. I wanted to get either a Ford explorer or a Chevy Trail blazer. Something Mid-Sized, 4 door with a third row. The First one the kids liked, it had power it had leather it had just about every feature a man could want. But my wife found one small problem.

My lovely wife is 4’11” (according to her, I have not actually measured her but like most men the idea of tape measures and bodies in close proximity make me nervous) and as it turned out she couldn’t reach the pedals in the SUV even with the seat all the way forward.

The other SUV we looked at had the exact same issue. I can lose the V8, I can live without the leather, I am even willing to negotiate the 4X4 but using pillows so my wife can reach the pedals in the family mover… there are some things I have to draw the line at. We looked over the lot until she found the vehicle she loved, with power door, a fuel sipping 6 Cylinder, and AC.

What can I say – I love my mini wife, and because of that I can tolerate a mini van

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