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Raising Awareness of PGS

It turns out some of my friends, and a couple of my followers may suffer from a condition known as PGS, I am thinking about having a fund-raiser to raise awareness of this (or was it a beer raiser?)

For those of you that don’t know what PGS is, it stands for Pretty Girl Syndrome. A quick medical explanation is in order.

For the unenlightened readers, all men are pigs. Some of us (like me) are the house trained, litter box using, highly social pot-bellied pigs, others like a couple of miscreants I can think of are more the 600 LB hogs that are mean and kept in pens. Most are somewhere in between, but no matter what extreme they are on, they are all pigs.

So PGS – or pretty girl syndrome has 2 manifestations. The first is “snout hypersensitivity” that’s no matter how friendly and nice the pig is, it’s still a pig. They avoid these pigs at all times, unless they are in the mood for pork. They miss out on the companionship and fun that the well-behaved social pigs can bring. The other extreme is to not notice the snouts on some of them. This usually results in the girl in question leaving truffles at the pig level and trying to feed it bacon. Often it ends with them getting bit or something else that shocks them into realizing their beloved companion is in fact a pig.

In the sense of equality I should point out there is a difference between Men and Pigs. The thing that Men follow around isn’t called a snout.

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  1. Hilarious 🙂 That just made my morning. Thank you

  2. rbdavis5

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