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The squeaky wheel gets greased.

Those of you that know me in real life know that a couple of weeks ago I did my best imitation of a hockey puck and slammed my driver’s side into a curb on an icy road. While the impact was at low-speed, it did an impressive amount of damage to my car. All of it to the suspension, brakes and anything that helps it steer. At the end of the day I had 4 wheels pointed 3 directions on the car.

One thing that my insurance wouldn’t cover was the shattered link pins on the sway bar. The logic by the adjuster was “I can’t prove that this happened during the accident”. For those that do not know what a sway bar is, let just say it’s what keeps my car from sliding when I am in a turn and not on ice. I drove the car about 5 miles with this damage before I knew it was still off.

When I called the mechanic and told him it was still not working, he suggested I needed to fix the sway bar. we called back the adjuster with this piece of news only to be told that “Mitsubishi can’t even say the damage was caused by the accident”

This is a perfect moment for us to dwell on how calling a client a liar or cheat or idiot is NOT listed in the best client retention methods.

To my fortune, I went to their Facebook site, their twitter site, their MySpace (yes they actually had one) and to the email us site. I took a ‘customer satisfaction survey” and after what I can only call a scorched earth approach, using all the flowery language I knew and continuously raising the question “how did it break if not during the accident or immediately afterwards. [Say the extra stress of trying to keep a car with a bent steering system going straight] I finally got the company to cover the last 300.00 worth of repairs.

Now the question is, after this ordeal for a mostly trivial claim, what part of this would I want to repeat?

[I’ll be back in my normal odd humors tomorrow]

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