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Monday ?

Today I woke up on time, feeling fairly well rested. I had cereal and milk for breakfast (as opposed to finding myself missing one or both like ‘normal’, and OJ as a bonus. Got to the office on time, found a great parking space, had only a small amount of static on the drive in. And when I got it, my indirect boss emailed to say he was going to be out for the day, and my least favorite client in the world emailed me to say they may be bought out by a new management company.

Now I am paranoid, Monday is being WAY too nice. Not that I don’t have good Mondays, but they are so rare and the last time I had one was back in 07. (Mondays that fall during vacation or holidays don’t count – FYI)

So the question of the day is am I too paranoid, as I sit her hiding under my desk waiting for Monday to unleash its full furry? Or is Monday trying to mess with me….

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

2 responses to “Monday ?

  1. So how did the rest of your Monday go? Did the other shoe drop or were you pleasantly surprised? 🙂

  2. rbdavis5

    The shoe never drops, not unless I poo it out, but thats another story. I suspect because it was presidents day, or because I was braced, Monday took it easy on me.

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