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The Great Lie

After hours of contemplation (mostly while sucking exhausts fumes during my rush hour trek home) I have concluded that there is one sentence that is the ultimate lie. No matter when it is applied, or how it’s applied, or by whom it’s a complete untruth/Lie

I submit the following questions:

[To wife] do you care if I wear my favorite (hole ridden and grease stained) shirt to dinner out or should I put on something else?

[To boss] Do you want the data sorted in any way, right now it’s just raw information?

[To client] do you want option 1 that costs more money but is simpler to do or option 2 that’s cheaper but requires training to use properly

In all three examples the answer is always the same lie! “I don’t care do what you want”

In truth what they are saying is ‘you do something so I can decide to do the other option’ in all of the years on this planet, I have never once managed to guess the right answer when they say ‘I don’t care’. I am about sure the truthful answer is “I don’t want to decide I want you to so I can correct you”

I am starting to think I should go to my normal answer “2:15”

“2:15” is what I do to avoid a question, be it “does this make me look fat?” “Do you think I am stupid?” or “I’m doing what do you think?” that answer makes the person stop and have to re-explain the setup to the question, sometimes I get lucky and they see the obvious problem with the question, other times I just have to sigh and say “now it’s 2:17”

I would expand on this more, but its 2:19….

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