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Why emails are superior to Phones

This week as a gift from the universe, my phone at the office broke. The death of my extension has improved my mood for the week and the quality of phone calls I have been answering. The messages that I do still have to process, remind me why we need to have more ‘editing’ options for voice mail systems

I prefer email when I have to talk to someone, I can write it what I really want to say, and then go back and remove “and the horse you rode in on”.
With Voice mail, I have to get it right the first time, and try not to sound like the dim wits that leave me messages. Hell in most cases I rely on recognizing the voice and don’t bother with the message. I know it will be “Hi I’m am ramble ramble ramble.” Granted it is fun to listen to their limited knowledge as they try to build causality. It always sounds something like

“Your technician was on our site last week working on my computer, and today my daughter in California is pregnant, what are you going to do about it?”

It’s thanks to the editing of email and the slight delay required to send one that keeps me from replying “We’ve seen pictures of your daughter, should I remind you none of our technicians are blind” replaing that sentence with an “interesting”

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