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I need a special band aid

Today while trapped at the office, and feeling a touch of envy about coyotes with the same problem (knowing they can chew off their leg and escape, not really an option for me; combination of my legs being to grisly and no salt) I found myself trapped in the break room by my indirect boss and my co-worker.

I know better than to ask questions of this boss, because the answers will inevitably make my head hurt, not for the sheer brilliance of them, but for the simple fact that most of his problems are self-inflicted, and while I have the proper level of respect for the man who’s name appears at the bottom of my pay checks, it is a struggle to maintain it.

My co-worker asked a simple question: “when will your car be fixed, or did they total it?”

It was at this point I knew I was going to face a challenge.

The boss then regaled the coworker (and me because I could not leave the room with him standing in the doorway) about how he hit the snow bank, and thought it SUV was ruined he based this on the “funny black fluid that was pooling up on the snow.” As it turns out, after getting the SUV towed to the mechanic, and there is nothing wrong with his SUV. The “strange black fluid” he thought he saw, was snow, that had been pushed into his engine compartment Melted and picked up some dirt on its way back down to the ground. The whole thing cost him $ 250.00.

Listening to the entire story, and not laughing in his face hysterically cost me my ability to speak. After all it’s hard to talk when you have CHOMPPED your own tongue.

Anyone know where I can get some specialty band aids? The kind that will go on my tongue?

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