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My New Job ?

On my way to the office today I found myself once again waiting for 2 morons to work out a simple physics problem. The kind that comes as a result of 2 objects (ie their cars) trying to occupy the same space at the same time (ie the lane of traffic)

On this section of road, there is a mall on the south side of the road, and artisan shops on the north. As a result, the city has lights every 2 blocks. So for a miserable 8 blocks I have lights, 2 lanes of traffic, and when morons play bumper cars, long delays.

These delays are dangerous for me, more time for my mind to wander, and to try to keep it in line, I will look around at the other drones in their cars stuck like I am.

Looking around is not always productive, point of fact most times it’s dangerous. Most of the time I see people ‘nose mining’ or singing to their car, or once, shaving their legs. (That would have maybe been more fun but honestly I don’t know why he was shaving his legs before his face, and don’t ever want to know)
Today I noticed something interesting; the woman in the car next to me was swaying along to a song with a beat exactly like what I was listening to. I had my Ipod playing my favorite band Reckless Red, [] on my all-time favorite track, “In the dark” it was at the point where the guitar player ‘Rooster’ was hitting those sublime and perfect blues rift that my boss emailed me.

Right after I looked at my phone, I noticed the woman in the car next to me also was looking at her phone, with a perplexed look. So I went back to the music thinking nothing of it, till a moment later I got emailed again, and once again she started to look at her Phone at that exact moment.

It was on her third time that I realized the truth of things. See my car doesn’t have an ipod adaptor, so I use a low-frequency FM blue tooth receiver. Its range is limited, maybe 30 feet, close enough that the lady in the car next to me was tuned into my Ipod.

This cracked me up enough to not even care I got 3 emails from my boss at 6:40am.

The good news, in addition to giving me a level of amusement, I can now add morning DJ to my list of jobs I have.

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