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No Appreciation

Today I was driving to a meeting when I encountered a traffic jam. This is far from new, being at its Sunday the overall quality of driver’s drops to an even lower level than normal. I blame this on a number of factors from the bored housewives that now are able leave their spawn with their husbands and get out at the same time that I am out driving, or maybe it’s just the fact that most of the drivers out there are at least as hung over as I am.

Either way I had to wait for an inordinately long amount of time, because someone was having car troubles, so as I passed by I offered them a jump-start.

Neither the police nor the fire department were amused, I suppose the fact the firemen were still rolling back up their hose, and checking the engine compartment to be sure that all the flames were out being sure the glass from the exploded headlights was not in the road and that the puddle of bumper wasn’t going to burn anyone. ALl of that while the police try to get 2 lanes of traffic on to the shoulder and past the fire truck and the charred remains of the pile of rubble (and former Japanese import). They may have been a touch busy.

Still no one appreciated my offer.

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