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new valet & missing checks

Today I drug my sorry carcass into the office with all the glee of a vegetarian zombie. I have been watching for my Monday “screw you” moment, knowing that it’s not really a matter of if but when will it show its face.

I thought it was going to be the new homeless valet service the parking garage now has. That description is the most kind I can come up with for the man who is standing next to the ticket machine pushing the button for cars as they pull up and handing you the ticket. While it could be a new ‘thing’ the parking Garage is doing, to spare you the trouble of stretching your arm using the, at best, suspect hygiene of this individual to replace your need for morning coffee with something that’s akin to smelling salts. I suspect that this is an enterprising individual that is hoping to earn tips.

The only tip I have to offer is “try letting the soap touch you”.

However, reaching my office I found that monthly expense checks were issued, to all but 3 staff members (Myself being one of them). I would normally think “oh crap I forgot to turn in the paperwork” but my lovely small but loud wife assures that is never the case. [She does not nag, she reinforces the reminders repeatedly] so I figured something else happened. When I asked my indirect boss about it, he said he never received them from any of us. Again I am suspect, being as I know that all of us turned them in at the start of the month (unlike my co-workers, my expenses are fixed, so I can do the same report every month).
After working with his assistant, we found the problem. Turned out he has filed them before paying them (again). But I can rest easy he may do a special check run, or just give me both checks next month.

So with that piece of happiness I welcome Monday back, and see I need to look up something. Is it just bad etiquette to staple my expense reports to the bosses face, or is there an actual rule against it.

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2 responses to “new valet & missing checks

  1. Shannon ⋅

    LOL @ “Today I drug my sorry carcass into the office with all the glee of a vegetarian zombie” THAT’s new!

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