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Spammers need to work on their aim

Today I decided to go through and look at all thirty comments tagged as spam. I wanted to be sure that none of my readers had gotten caught in the drain. I was disappointed by how bad spammers have gotten.

Back in the day, spammers used to at least pretend to target specific people & blogs. They would put a small amount of effort into trying to be ‘on topic’ and to having comments that made sense to the overall flow of the blog.

Now they are not even trying, and have become even less accurate than someone fishing with Dynamite. I had a couple of “this information is really important, you need to share your ‘drug use policy’ with others” (in case you missed that post)

I enjoy doing this blog, it gives me a change to vent to an audience that won’t make me sleep on the couch, put me in the dog house or try to get my medication adjusted. But I also understand that with the exception of a couple of bizarre metaphors, there is nothing earth shattering on this blog, just my slightly twisted take on reality, or something close to it.

Come on spammers, please try just a little harder, it’s almost embarrassing now

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

3 responses to “Spammers need to work on their aim

  1. Doug ⋅

    Spammers what ever they are promoting is like gas station sushi it looks ok but once you get done the road the trouble starts

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