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The expert

A couple of weeks ago we had a major failure at my office. It was a big deal, the first time we have had to involve so much of the staff to sort things out. All of my co-workers are field based; they come to the office once a week for meetings but otherwise rarely interact with each other. I, on the other hand, am office bound so I interact with all of them. It gives me advantages, not enough to counter the front row seat to the indirect boss’s inane moves, but there are some.

Yesterday we got an email saying that during our next meeting, new guidelines to avoid another major failure were going to be put in place by the new expert on the subject. I was excited, sorry for letting my inner geek show but the failure was a one in a thousand type thing, and having all the information that I gathered from everyone involved collated by an expert and turned to a policy is a really cool thing to watch (ok I will put my pocket protector away now)

The presentation was fairly mediocre. It was like the expert only bothered putting it together 45 minutes before he gave it, with no visual presentation, no hand out of the how to or the overall policy, and no examples or hands or demos. But believe it or not this is good news, let me step back an hour before the expert started talking.

About an hour before the meeting, my indirect boss came to me and asked if I was ready. I told him emphatically yes, that I was looking forward to meeting the expert, and hearing the new policies. He got a look on his face and the feeling that came over me can only be described as the feeling the zoo keeper holding the shovel gets when he realizes the elephants all have upset stomachs.

Turns out that he and my direct boss both decided that because I was the only common point of contact with all of the staff, am the only one that was involved in all aspects of this failure, from the trouble shooting phase to the restoration and revisit of security process, that I was the expert! He also realized he may have forgotten to tell me this. So with less than an hour before the presentation, I found out that I am the one giving it.

If you ever wondered why I like Beer so much, I suspect you’ve not been reading my blog to closely.

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