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(sorry no new post today, but crazy busy – still this should give you a giggle :D)

Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author

tonight I had a chance to meet several local authors, one of which does horror. it was pretty interesting, after the book signing and readings we got to go out for a couple of beers. The subject of Zombies came up (never try to predict what you’ll end up talking about with authors) and I explained to one of the horror writers that my biggest fear would be to find my self surrounded by teenagers during a zombie apocalypse.

it was perfectly logical, there is nothing worse to me then be surrounded to mindless eating machines with no sense of self-preservation and then having to deal with Zombies on top of that.

the reply was that I am a little bit of a smart a$$

I resent that, I am a huge smart a$$ !!!

over all it was a great night, and seeing people who have navigated path that…

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