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On Call

This weekend I am on call. This means that if a client has a problem and is willing to pay time and a half that any technical issue they have I have to fix.
For this I get 50.00 extra, a 25.00 bonus per call and of course the billable time. Being on call is not the worse fate; in fact being in the office is a far worse fate most of the time. But for a meager 50.00 bonus I have to restrict my drinking and stay in cell range most of the time. Granted during the winter, it’s not like I was going to go off roading or camping, or even hiking (any activity that involved snow shows or shovels = I’m out)

So Today’s 25.00 dollar question came when a Client called because their email isn’t working.

I asked if he had any errors, he said no. I asked if he was being prompted for a password, he said no. I asked if outlook said it was offline, he said yes. Ok so this is going to be simple, I ask him to open a web page, and he can’t

Turns out that he can’t access the internet because his router is broken, but he “doesn’t want to use the internet, just check his email.”

The ½ hour minimum and the bonus don’t really cover the tongue biting “are you freaking serious” moments.

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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