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Helmets ruined the World.

During today’s drive, right before my limited consciousness that I managed to achieve that early in the morning is overwhelmed by my Jeeps sieve like exhaust system. I had a suddenly brilliant idea ( that or I succumbed to the exhaust but still had the ability to type)

I realized that Helmets are the thing that ruined the world. See before helmets, a guy only need to find a pretty girl, knonk her on the head and drag her back to the cave. For some reason I don’t fully understand, human females decided this was bull$hit.

So one fine day, one of them found a turtle and hollowed out it shell and wore it, calling it a helmet. This of course caused the men to suddenly need to stop knonking on the head and begin the long evolutionary process to invent the Ferrari, requiring future inventions like steel, plastic, iron and banks. I also believe that the human females are teasing us males over this invention, but using the ubiquitous excuse “not to night I have a headache”

So with this insight, I now see why the planet is in such bad shape, blame it on the helmets!

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  1. Eleanor Croy ⋅

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations! For details, go here:

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