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The Liebster Award

liebsterI, like several of my faithful readers, have been nominated for a Liebster.  I’m not sure if it’s an award, or a blog equivalent of a chain letter, but what the heck I have an ample supply of beer and sarcasm to deal with it.

For the record I was going to type up my acceptance wearing my bow tie, but I don’t have any shirt or pants that go with it and my wife has some silly rule about being dressed when I am on the computer… anyway here are my 11 questions and 11 answers.

1. What is the answer to the great question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Beer:  when it’s not causing my problems, its curing them

2. In your opinion, is the climbing hydrangea or the bougainvillea more evil?

Both are equally evil.  I mean seriously anything that can run around with its reproductive organs hanging out has to be evil.  Every time I try it the cops end up coming.

 3. Can you hula-hoop?

There is a not too fine line between “Can you” and “Should you”

4. Even if you could hula-hoop, why the heck would you want to?

Beer in the right amount it inspires greatness, in my normal amount it inspires hula-hooping and/or worse.

5. What’s the magic word?

Not sure, but I think there are 2 E’s 1 B and an R in it.

6. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, or Spock?

Scissors, because as long as I can make that shape I have an excuse not to run anywhere!

7.  What sort of punishment should a blogger be subjected to, who recycles his or her old ideas and just hopes against hope that no one will notice?

Nominate them for a Liebster award?

8.  If I gave you a bucket of water balloons and let you loose, who would you splosh first, and why?

The girl with the tightest fitting shirt that was a very light color – you have to ask your mother why I would do that one.

9.  What is the first thing that pops into your head when you cross your eyes, stick out your tongue, and hop up and down on one foot?

That I have reached Beer Utopia,  that precious point where I am drunk enough to want to cross my eyes, stick out my tongue and hop on one foot and sober enough to actually do it.

10. What is your superpower?

I can balance sarcasm and Beer!!

11. Do you have a secret identity?

I did but it was put into witless protection and I haven’t earned visitation rights yet.

So now I get to ask my 11 questions (Woo hoo hoo ha ha ha) and I get to nominate 11 blogs. So the blogs I nominate are:

Comically Small Peni$

Etopia Press (hopefully someday I will get the nerve to send them my work for consideration)

Some call it Red

Kristen Mazzola

On The Edge Of Writer’s Block   (and the woman you can blame for putting my brain on the internet and into your eyeholes)

The Gaia Chronicles

The Grimm Report (I know you already got nominated once, but…)



Cooking up Trouble (author is on break but maybe this will get her back on and running)

Sadly I don’t have an eleventh nominee,  the blogs I follow are either all too big, or haven’t posted in over 2 weeks, leaving me to wonder if I should have the police start checking apartments for funny smells.  I suppose I could nominate my other blog Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author but that feels too much like dating your own left hand.

So now for the 11 questions I get to ask <insert evil laugh>

  1. Why do you have a blog?
  2. Why do you read my blog?
  3. If you could be rich, but never write again would you?
  4. How much beer can you fit into your bathtub?
  5. How did you know that answer about the beer and the bathtub?
  6.  What’s the difference between an author and a writer?
  7. What is your favorite thing to have on when you’re writing/blogging
  8. If you could have a 2 minute conversation with a publisher (not to sell a book) what would you say [no expletives please]
  9. Have you raised awareness or at least a beer because of PGS ?
  10.  How often do you blog ? How often do you wish you blogged?
  11. 11. How much is too much when it comes to blogging?

a round of applause to everyone for reading this, and keeping the award (or chain) moving.

and thanks to (Random Dorkness) for nominating me.

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

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  1. rbdavis5

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    Just random funny from my other blog. Enjoy

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  3. Thank you! I especially appreciate the Ke$ha spelling of my name! You are much culturally sensitive and nice man. My answers can be found here!

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