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Born in the Wrong Body

As a responsible parent I have decided that I must come to terms with the fact that my beloved young one was born in the wrong body.

There were signs, from refusing to use the proper bathroom, to the behaviors that were wrong for them; still I subsisted in a state of denial thinking it was just a phase.   But even as the behaviors got to a point there was no denying them, no saying they were faking it I still was in denial.  Even after the incident when he RAN from the kitchen in complete terror at the sight of a mouse and hid under the bed for over an hour I still thought “odd but maybe just a phase”

But today, I came home and found him in the bathroom, drinking from the toilet.  That was the last straw, I may not think it was normal or right, but it was right for him.

So after a deep breath (and a few beers) I have decided to accept conditions as they are, and embrace that my beloved Buster is in fact a Dog, born in a Cat’s body. Now to find if there is a surgery to correct this for him & maybe do a kick starter campaign to help cover the cost, apparently cross species reassignment surgery is not covered by health insurance


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5 responses to “Born in the Wrong Body

  1. Ha! Had me going in a different direction! Good play!

  2. rumpydog

    I don’t think he’s a dog. I do think he wasn’t properly mentored by his mother. Maybe starting slow, like with da bird cat toy, you can teach him to love to chase mousies. As for the bathroom thing, he could just not like the kind of litter you buy. It happens!

    • rbdavis5

      he walks up to any stranger in the house and Meows, then runs if they try to touch him. I have used 4 types of litter, and still he would rather go in the back yard. the only thing he is more affraid of then mice is birds. he has 2 bird toy, but no intrest. I think he was inprinted by a dog, I got him from a shelter a while back, but its all good I love my orange meowing dog.

    • rbdavis5

      and under being ‘sensitive’ I hope Buster does not threaten your canineinity. [please note the tongue in cheek]

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