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Never give a Half Answer

Today’s piece of ‘wisdom’ (I am sure some of you have other names for it, but that’s another post all together) Never give a half answer.

For those less enlightened, a half answer is when you speak before you consider the question.  Often this is done because you are either unimpressed with the source, or don’t consider the combination of source of the question that important. Both of which are fatal mistakes.

To prove my point, I refer you back several years ago (more than I want to count) to the day when I was working on a now dead project,  and my lovely 6-year-old came up to me with a question that only a 6-year-old would ask.

“What’s the difference between a gerbil and a hamster?”

So in a moment that was the collection of both annoyance (She’s asking me questions while I am studying) and smart assery (believe it or not I can be a smart ass) I shot the first answer I could think of

“Gerbil’s have more dark meat”

She was satisfied with that answer and I thought nothing more of it

Until the next morning, when my office phone rang, it was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. As it turned out my daughter was doing a report for school, comparing 2 things.  She figured out from a book that Hamster’s were different colored then Gerbils, that Hamster’s were a little bit bigger, and thanks to her daddy, that gerbils have more dark meat. A fact that she presented with great glee to 25 other students.

I should note that my daughter’s teacher was 5’4, and even though I am 6’3” I felt smaller than a hamster.

So take this lesson to heart. And please, if you have ever fried up either rodent, do not enlighten me it my answer was incorrect.

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