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Mondays dumb question

Today being that it’s Monday and the suck factor is already 8.67 according to my ‘screw it I want a beer scale’

My first call of the morning, a classic “who’s on first” client called upset because I didn’t call them Friday to help with their problem.  Now they are partially right, I did call but didn’t leave a message.  Not because it was near the end of my day, not because I am lazy and wanted to get to a weekend filled with Green beer skirts everywhere and horrifying results should I chase the skirts after over indulging on green beer (you all know how I feel about ‘kilts’) No,  my (and I am quoting the customer now) “Lame Excuse” was simply this.  She called on her cell phone to tell us her main phones were down, but left her main line number on the voice mail.

This would be enough to make my head pound, it’s the follow-up question after I get the system working that makes me truly suspect more people were dropped as infants then is commonly reported

“Why are we having so many problems with this system now, its ran flawlessly for over 15 years”

I want to point out that is 3 years longer than my first marriage, 10 years longer than my current car, 13 years longer than the cell phone we are talking on. The company that made it has been bought and was shuttered back when Bush was in office.

So now I have to figure out how to nicely ask “how the hell did you get 15 years out of that system?

I hate Monday dumb questions.

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3 responses to “Mondays dumb question

  1. Does it suck enough to want Green Beer? You could have fun with it too. “Let’s grab a beer together while you explain how you managed to get 15 yrs out of this?” Everyone wins. And if said client is rude…keep drinking, at least you have beer. 🙂

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