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My Boss isn’t so Stupid

Today my indirect report has proven to me that he is not nearly as stupid as I once thought.

Todays twisted tale starts with my boss seeing me walk through a door and he followed me in a few moments later.  He started in on a simple mistake that I made (Hey I’m not perfect)  but he, as always, went with the complaint to far, talked about a series of inane examples, and long-winded over explanations. More than enough to piss off even the calmest person.  Normally I step away from these rants, but today I couldn’t and he knew it.

A quick aside, my boss is 5’8” tall, doughy and about 30 lbs over weight.  He has been an accountant and once bussed tables.  Me on the other hand, I am 6’2” 230 Lbs, and have been a Repo-man, Armed security at the “knife and gun club” (old name for a local hospital) and process-server. Getting in my face and being annoying is not a great survival strategy.  While I have great self-control and I realize that saying “Left employment after assisting with unscheduled rhinoplasty procedure” probably would get picked up on there are days I am tempted to anyway, but today I didn’t.

So after he walked away I did the only thing I could.  I cleaned up, pulled up my pants,  flushed, and washed my hands.  By the time I reached his office to make my counter point I was calmer. Calm enough to point out to him all the flaws in his discussion, without most of  the urges to turn his nose pulpy.

The fact he waited till I was seated in the men’s room to be that annoying proves that he is smarter than I am giving him credit for.

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