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Sometimes you have to lose to win.

For our company outing this month, we went to an indoor go Kart racing track.

These little cars are a kick to drive, but not everyone I work with is cut out for this type of activity.  We brought our spouses, and to reduce the number of martial spats, the husbands and wives were in separate heats, with a couple of exceptions.

In our second race, I started in the middle, and then proceeded (both because of my superior driving skills and an utter lack of concern for my own safety or anyone else’s) to take second place, right behind my boss. We were fighting for the lead, and were about to lap another driver.  She is someone I didn’t know, but she drove SLOW giggling during the turns, she wasn’t really racing. So my boss passes her, but I am having trouble getting around her, the turns she pulls are so freaking sloppy I can’t squeeze thru and she is ignoring the staff telling her to let me pass.

So on the 4th turn I take matters into my own miscreant hands, and gun the engine, clipping her rear, and spinning her out and into the wall. A text-book example of the PIT maneuver. My boss who was still driving in front of her slowed down and a moment later I am in FIRST PLACE with only 2 laps to GO!!!!!.

Then the black flags come out, someone is hurt.  Turned out the poor woman smashed her nose into her helmet and was bleeding.  My boss was helping her out of the car, and I would have but the rules are ‘stay in your car’ so I was obeying them (of course the rules also say ‘No contact with other cars, so apparently I only follow the rules I choose.)

They reset the race, minus 2 drivers, my boss and his wife whom I spun out and put into the wall.

For all of you worried that this blog is going to get me fired, I suspect you have little to worry about I will probably end up doing something to make that happen long before they discover this blog!!

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2 responses to “Sometimes you have to lose to win.

  1. Not that it matters…but in the reset race did you win? I’m a glass half full kind of person 🙂

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