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Teaching Children to Talk – Don’t Rush it!

Thanks to the comical math of the universe I am a grandfather, even if I am only celebrating my 16th anniversary of my thirtieth birthday) like many people I assume I thought grandfathers were all in their 60 and kind old codgers.

The math doesn’t work, the oldest of the kids are in their 20’s, the same age I was when I had them.  So 20+20 tacking on a couple of extra numbers, and grandpa at my age is all but a promise.

Listening to my 5 year old grandson, I realize I forgot to pass on a great piece of wisdom to my kids.  Don’t rush your kids speaking.  The reason, from their first word to the day they turn 13, they are not really talking – they are repeating everything you say, often out of context.

My example of this? My company had won a contract with the Department of Corrections. It was huge contract and I was the lead on it, doing the entire install and training, spending 3 days away from home to accommodate this.  At this time, my being away was a new thing; my kids (aged 11 and 8) were still adapting to just the three of us.

At the end of the third day I called my then girlfriend and said to bring the kids and meet me at one of our favorite restaurants.  I had been gone and missed them, and the idea of a ‘family dinner’ appealed to everyone.

She arrived first and had a table, I arrived and walked over to have my daughter yell out “Daddy, you’ve been gone forever” and my son also yell out “Hey Dad, how was jail”

If I ever invent a human mute button, I will be a disgustingly rich!

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One response to “Teaching Children to Talk – Don’t Rush it!

  1. “What were you in for?” Absolutely hilarious

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