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My first pet Troll

I know that trying to publish, and putting my work on the internet is a risk,  so far I have found 1 uberfan, and a couple dozen fans. But I now have my first troll!

I suppose it says something about my miscreant nature that this makes me happy. I have been myself enough to piss of someone who’s only role in life is to look for offensive material on the internet.  That’s a bit like searching for salt in the ocean.

Unlike my other encounter with ‘preacher’ this person I have never met, so she (I am assuming it’s a she) has the anonymity of the internet to keep her safe, unlike preacher who’s safety is in the form of “if I have to use my beer money for bail, I’ll be sober for at least 2 weeks”

I have a review of the first chapter of my book on create space (link is ). I received a Private message saying “your work encourages under aged drinking” Hmmmm, the story starts out with an 18-year-old sneaking into a section of a bar and ordering a cape cod then getting possessed by a demon and blacking out.

The three obvious problems with that review –

1)  Kids drink, whether I write about it or not.  Saying they will read about this and go try it is short-sighted.  By that logic if no one ever writes about teen-aged pregnancy, it will never happen!

2) Going to a bar and getting possessed by a demon – there is no part of that sentence that ‘encourages’ anything.

3) ITS FICTION!! Come on, I mean if this were an autobiography or biography then we could talk, and while it maybe as accurate as some people’s biography’s we all know its fiction.

Ok, I’ll step off my soap box, and get back to reality, or at least my reality.  Its Monday, boss is gone, computer is frozen, and I had to park 3 blocks from the office because of construction.  Plenty to bitch about without having to deal with trolls.

Monday sucks.

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

10 responses to “My first pet Troll

  1. That is hilarious! I have to admit that is the most non-threatening troll ever. If “her” only complaint is about the underage drinking then your book must be fabulous! She has no other complaints to give 🙂

  2. Dealing with a troll myself. Geesh get a life

    • rbdavis5

      I want to know how someone gets so rich and so bored that all they can do is hunt for things to annoy them. I’m not rich and am far from bored, and I find annoying things all the time !

  3. That’s funny. Congrats on earning a troll.

  4. tyroper

    From my experience, don’t feed the troll. They live off the reactions of those they target. They usually move on if ignored.

    • rbdavis5

      Good advice. Although I was also thinking I should love it and feed it and cali Geroge.

      being that I am me, I suspect that collecting trolls is like collecting Gremilns at a water park, just not a challange !


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