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Jamie Ryder: Monolog

[yesterday’s prank backfired, my indirect boss came in a day early, so no new thoughts for you today. but fear not I will be back with my own normal brand of snarkyness tomorrow- for now, only have this blog entry from the other side. ]

Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author

I have a friend that wants to shoot a trailer for my book – this is what I came up with, if we go with it or not is debatable, but it turns out he’s not some guy with a 8MM camera and delusions of grandeur, he has a real rig, and full setup – I am impressed.

So this is what I wrote for him, if we can do this I will have to upgrade WordPress so I can upload the Video for all of you. It maybe used for Kickstarter to help me get this done. but that’s a discussion / decision for later.

[Open with a close up of a female face shot with a complete black back ground]

My Name is Jamie Ryder; I was pretty much a normal girl.

[Flash to a close up shot of her outside, flipping her hair to reveal her hearing…

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