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I’m Back!

Greetings fellow miscreants, I apologize for no posts the last couple of days, but my prank with the software the other day backfired, and my indirect boss came back earlier than scheduled. That and I have been running non-stop.

I debated about whether or not to rant on about the sheer stupidity of trying to use the admins tools against the admin, it strikes me as smart trying to use a Fox’s stomach to keep your chickens safe. But I decided to take the high road and leave the indirect report alone. After all because of his ‘help’ I drew the short straw today, and had to go out to the field all day yesterday

Of course there is a cost; I have to explain to the indirect boss the value of the software again… I would have better luck trying to talk a cow into the value of hamburger.

But again that’s not my rant, my rant today – One of my clients attempted to get me killed.

Most of you know I am a computer tech. My choice of profession was a result of being younger and dumber and not realizing how prolific these stupid things were going to be. If you met me in real life, I would probably lie and tell you I’m a Proctologist. No one ever asks a Proctologist for a free exam at a party, no matter how drunk they are. But if their computer has ever done something strange or stupid, asking the computer guy in a social setting is somehow perfectly acceptable.

Most of you also know that when I am in ‘professional mode’ (meaning billing for the company I work for) I bill out at 175.00 an hour. Even on my own time I get between 50 and 125 an hour (depending on how much I like you, and how much of a pain in the ass you are)

I was working in professional mode at a real estate client and moving a huge amount of data. Because they do a lot with properties, finding over 60 GB of photographs was far from surprising. All neatly organized in folder BBBL, MBBL, SBBL, and so on.

The client was told that to move that much data twice, would take extra time, over 2 hours, and I offered a faster cheaper way but he declined. After I moved the data to my external drive, reformatted and reloaded the computer, upgraded the HD & added Ram, I copied the data back.

When I got home, my wife asked for my drive, she wanted to move some of her family pictures to another computer. I gave her the drive without a second thought. A moment later, after I heard my son (who was helping her with the transfer say “That’s wicked sick cool” My wife ‘summoned’ me with that wife tone that carries with it the explicit message “Come here now or die”

As it turns out, BBBN stands for Big Breasted BLonde. I was just paid over 350.00 to transfer someone’s type “A” organized porn collection. The only good news is my Son approved it as much as my wife objected to it!!

What do I need to do to be so rich I can be so stupid?

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