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Easter Need Something.

Greetings my fellow miscreants. In spite of my best efforts I am up and out of bed on this fine Sunday Morning. After hearing my neighbor’s three boys (whose total age would not equal 12) outside gathering their Easter eggs, I went out and checked my traps.

The dead fall is clear, the snare is still set, the leg trap is intact. Somehow that freaking Easter bunny managed to run thru the yard, poop out plastic jelly bean Easter eggs and avoid all of my cleaver attempts to snare him.

I am starting to know how While E Coyote fells. Granted I should have had better luck, after all I went to the home improvement store and bought my own goods, being as Acme’s entire line of rockets is on hold due to said Mr Coyote’s pending law suits.

There are two problems with Easter that I can see:

Problem # 1: I can’t over indulge in candy, and am financially comfortable enough to be able to afford Ham dinners on demand; it’s sort of lost its appeal. I don’t do anything more special for church today than any other time off the year.

Problem # 2: there is no Easter villain. Christmas has Scrooge, Ground hog days had Phil, even Arbor days has beavers. But when it comes to Easter, we got nothing. I suppose I could go to a traditional Chinese restaurant and order the leg of rabbit, but somehow “I’ll have a number 34” doesn’t have the same impact as “bah humbug”

We need to talk Elmer Fudd into forgetting about bagging Bugs, and go after the Easter bunny! I should start an online petition!

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