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The Joy of Typos

(sorry folks, today this work stuff isn’t going to let me do my normal blogging, mean old boss why not just give me the money and let me do what I want )

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By now most of you know I am a poor speller – to put it mildly. The guy that edits my work often asks if I plan on learning English, but sometimes that is to my advantage.

I was doing Dialog for some of my characters tonight, they gave me like 4 scenes for the plot they are on, and I was in the zone. We all know the zone, where you are jamming your words down so fast that your screen is red, green and blue because WHAT you’re typing is more important than HOW your typing.

so my demon named Ivan was supposed to deliver a line “I have a photographic memory” a cute line that he says to a naked girl (it’s part of the story, don’t ask trust me it’s as legit as anything else I write) but in my hurry to return things to all…

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2 responses to “The Joy of Typos

  1. Doug Peterson ⋅

    Maybe leave it in as pornographic. I like it

    Doug Peterson My I-Phone

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