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Some People have no Manors

Greetings fellow miscreants. This morning I am getting ready for the ‘fall out’ from the unsuccessful sales meeting Friday (if you’re not sure what I am talking about – look at these 2 links)  and

Anyway I got an email last night from both my boss, upset that I got the project and my indirect report, upset that I didn’t take sales support or any multimedia to make the sales, even if he is happy about the results. The three of us are going to meet about it today, along with the sales guy and manager.
In other words before the alarm even rang I knew this Monday was going outsuck most of the other ones I have had for at least a year.
When my alarm went off on time and drug me to consciousness, I had food for breakfast, the car started I just knew my luck was going to be bad, the best three excuses for missing work today had failed me.
I was almost to my office when a pedestrian who was far too interested in his Iphone then on where he was going, that or he perhaps thought the orange hand means everyone is a broncos fan, started to walk in front of my car.  Perfect, I can clip him, call in to the office too upset about having ran someone over even if I improved the gene pool by removing one of the obvious stains in it, and get a new front end for my car, maybe even a paint job when I am done suing him.

But in an act of extreme rudeness and self-preservation, he heard the angry wasp sound my engine makes, looked up and dodged out of the way at the last instant, leaving me no reason to not go to the office today

Some people are just rude!!

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I'm me. If I ever find myself I will either update you or call the authorities (depending of how much of a reward there is)

2 responses to “Some People have no Manors

  1. And that guy misses his chance to be useful.

  2. Aww poor darling…you should have stalked him a couple of blocks then tried again….

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