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Writers need to WRITE!!!

Today I’ve been catching up on my TV, and frankly I think we need a revolution.

My annoyance started with the walking dead, the part where the guy with the revolver shot 3 zombies then ran out of bullets. I suppose it could be said he’s southern, so counting to 6 is a challenge. Then there’s the part where the truck drives into the prison, apparently southern prisons don’t have tire spikes like every other facility I have ever visited. But again, I can suspend belief and let this fly.

The two examples above, maybe you can blame the director or producer, or the fact that everyone was too intoxicated to notice, but watching the remake of Total Recall, and it is clear. Writers need to write.

I can forgive them for moving from Mars to Earth. I can almost suspend the fact to go from Britain to Australia in 17 minutes would result on your being Spaghetti O’s. The thing that finally set me off, In the original, the three breasted prostitute made sense. In this version, she did nothing at all but remind me of a much better movie!. The same guy that took deleted several of the other characters and shorted the scenes could have removed her without an issue. Not that I have any problem with tri-breasted anything’s, but you have to at least pretend there is a reason for it.

Honestly, if they are going to keep doing remake they need to remake the crappy movies, leave the great ones from my generation alone.
Stop copying, and start writing!

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