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Sales Call – last part

Sorry about the lateness of the hour for this post, but I have been assigned the task for project lead for the sales call I talked about Friday & Saturday.

It is my job to outline the responsibilities, put out a time frame, and detail the conditions & access and such for the client along with the budget. I got stuck with this because I’m the idiot that didn’t get fired in the first place.

So I am stuck working on this, if I fail to either get our company fired or fail to get them to agree to the most draconian terms possible, my punishment will be to become the Project Manager for this.

I am thinking I should put extra terms in beyond the ones I have. Right now, we buy all the hardware, they pay us our cost + 10%. Same for software and everything else. Full unfettered access to all networks, computers and physical locations. I may throw in requirement of them to have nude pictures of any female in their house aged between 18 and 28.

I should be back to my normal/abnormal self by Thursday, I mean seriously how hard to I have to work to get fired from a project?

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