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The World needs Chairs.

Greetings and happy Friday my fellow miscreants.

I am enjoying the sometimes warm weather in my beloved home state, even if I wish mother nature would take her medicine, her mood swings rival those of my wife, but I am not doing anything to annoy her (mother nature that is, annoying my wife is somewhere between and unconscious ability and natural talent I can’t control)

The bad thing about all of this warm weather now my coworkers come in to bother me. When it is cold out, the building pumps blistering hot air thru my office’s wall mounted system. Hot enough I can cook on it. People avoid that side of my office and me in the process. It’s so bad the last person that was in this office used to put plants over the vents, to both cook the plants and to block the heat.

My thought is now that a certain weed is legal in my state, I am tempted to put that over the vents, improving both the atmosphere and the mood in the office.
That idea will have to wait, right now, that same vent is being used to pump cold air into my office. The good news is I can now hang meat by the radiator and preserve it for next fall, the bad news, my coworkers don’t mind sitting in a stream of cold air.

The one co-worker that has my attention today also has a propensity for eating pigeon in a tube, also known as cheap “100% meat” hotdogs. He also eats from the taco truck and a couple of other ‘odd sources’. The gastronomic reaction to this, is bad enough, but when he is sitting on the source of cold air for my office and the training room….

I really need to get him a chair, or get myself a gas mask.

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5 responses to “The World needs Chairs.

  1. Every office has a human skunk. It’s one of the less discussed hazards.

    • rbdavis5

      The only problem with that statement. I’m talking about co workers I’m not sure they are human!

      • Good point. I always thought office workers lose their humanity at the door thanks to cubicles, but that’s just me. That’s why I tried to put up a sign that said ‘Don’t Feed the Cubicle Monkey’. My boss wasn’t happy with that.

      • rbdavis5

        At least your boss knows you joking. Mine would want an extermination plan and an environmental impact statement

      • Former boss with no sense of humor. I got written up and told that the workplace is no place for goofing off. I still think she wanted to fire me, but felt it better to torture me until I quit.

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